Anjlie Vellody

GUDIYA (THE DOLL) series focuses on the girl-child and woman.

In my GUDIYA series I have metaphorically depicted the woman as a ‘doll’, an inanimate object devoid of feelings and aspirations. Women are used and abused physically, mentally and emotionally, whether it is proper nourishment, making them work hard or sexually abusing them. We forget that a girl/woman too has educational and other aspirations in life and has emotions of her own. We treat her as a doll who we selfishly look towards for our emotional and physical comfort without considering hers.

In this series, the Doll is my muse, my inspiration and at the same time she is the protagonist who draws attention to the perennial question each girl and woman asks of herself, “What is this space between Myself and Myself’.

Is she really ‘being’ herself? Most of the times she compromises and silently accepts the rules set by society and moves further and further away from her ‘true’ self, her needs and aspirations.


Other Paintings by the Artist