Art Rentals

We Understand your World
Gallerie Angel Art's experienced Art Consultants call on their extensive knowledge of contemporary Indian art to customize a selection for you. A complimentary service; our consultants work with you to determine your needs, taking into consideration your space, interior design, company branding and individual taste.
We Enhance your World
We specialize in placement to corporate and professional offices, the hospitality industry, medical and dental practices, law firms and securities firms; whether you're re-locating, re-modeling, re-decorating or expanding your offices, lobby or the lunch room let our experienced consultants work with you to find the perfect pieces to meet your specific needs.
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Why Rent

  • It isn’t expensive to rent art and the return on your investment can be profound, plus the added tax advantage of expensing the monthly payments makes the budgeting decision much easier
  • Art for longer-term investment and appreciation
  • Art for decoration and to fill wall space
  • Art to project a cutting-edge image or simply….because you enjoy art
  • Art says more about your company than your furniture! It projects a particular image, improves employee morale and productivity and inspires corporate confidence
  • The term ‘work of art’ refers to a photo, an original or reproduction painting, engraving, etching or a signed limited edition print and sculpture
  • You can Rent an Artwork for a day, six months or a year at affordable prices from Rs. 1,500 onwards

Art for Rent

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