Mental Health and Art- Part 1

Mental Health has never been hidden in the world of art, it is actually quite the opposite; it has always been expressed through it. From Van Gogh’s ear cutting to Yayoi Kusama’s dotted installations and colourful sculptures “originat[ing] from hallucinations only she can see.” Even Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream,’  which is said to be inspired […]

Illusions to Ganesha’s Allusions with Babu Xavier

Babu Xavier’s Malayali roots radiate through his paintings much like his vibrant pigments. He uses a melange of media through his artworks but the two prominent ones are acrylic and watercolour. The self taught artist has had no formal training in a fine arts school other than working under Jayapal Panicker at the Cholamandal Art […]