Heeral Trivedi

Heeral Trivedi is a young artist translating her life into a language of color and images,defining her own revealations and explorations of life. This underlaying feeling remains same through out her recent works and it carries on from one painting to another though the images and subjects tend to change and evolve. Growth, progression and reality seep through the colors and lure the viewer into this artist's private world.The process of change in Heeral's work goes hand in hand with her own transition in life.

By drawing on simple images, Heeral underlines the essence of the notion of the home and that of the homemaker. Her simple compositions are created with the presence of several images juxtaposing each other in a quiet harmony. Heerals recent works are mixed media on board. The use of sequins along with watercolours, acrylic , gouache adds to the soothing nature of the works. The use of images and bright but subdued colours create a mood of mystery, sensitivity and an air of dreaminess. Most of her works have several different images woven into a single environment.

Other Paintings by the Artist