Suruchi Choksi

Suruchi Choksi: Born 1974 in Kolkata, India, Suruchi is a self-taught artist based in Mumbai. Confronted by issues of space, limits, absence and elsewhere, she responds to her environment through paintings, photography, sculptures and video installations. By contesting the division between the realms of memory and of experience, Suruchi makes works that are intensely personal, and yet where the actual event is but ephemeral. Just ended? Or still to take place? It is for the observer to discern. The rules of additions and omissions, acceptance and refusal, belonging and unbelonging are all there in her work; revealed through a patient unravelling of the layers of meanings. Suruchi has shown in group shows in Mumbai including at, 2006 – Burnt Sienna (Hacienda Gallery), 2014 – Unbelong: Illustrated Antipodes (Afghan Church+What About Art?), 2015 – Reliquaries: The Remembered Self (Tarq Gallery) 2015 – Memento Mori (Tarq Gallery), 2015 – Memoir (The Loft at Lower Parel) 2015 – Celebrate Bandra Festival (Art O2)