Where the leaves fall

Where the leaves fall.

“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings”

– Salvador Dali

The other day I read a very interesting article on bio centrisim. Do you agree we live in multiple worlds? The so called Multiverse. This and the road not taken, the ones we choose not to follow. Do you think that we live those lives anyway in a parallel world?

The questions above beg to ask another What is our reality then? What are dreams? What is life? Do we have a story or is it so fluid that it streams through other worlds and dimensions and keep running one into another. Do you think its our dreams that give us a sneak preview of the parallel world we are living in and the dreams we do remember on waking we try to make sense of.

I think this is a wonderful concept a little like Art. Where worlds mesh and sensory universes collide and break down into something uniquely extraordinary.

So what really is real about the world we are living in that every experience we take as ultimately personal and this do or die a painfully sad death kind of situation we constantly learn to live with..? if we can think for a moment that this environment isn’t real, that our souls can be split and can live in another universe or dimension successfuly at the same time, then it can also answer a lot of our questions. Maybe we are more successful in our parallel world, perhaps the sadness and sorrows we experience here may be happiness in another dimension currently. Wow isnt that cool for it all comes to one thing really then. Why take our experiences in life so deeply and seriously. when we can realise that we never fail or loose out on anything really.  Isn’t that the goal we need to reach when our souls take birth.

This goal that if we can treat Success and failure, happiness and sorrow, love and hatred, anger and laughter, peace and anxiety, insecurity and security, love and losses, companionship and loneliness with the same feeling of equanimity we know somehwre in our karmic calendar that we have climbed the peak of our pyramid of spirituality.

Missed chances then aren’t missed, losses arent then failures and loneliness isnt a state of mind or anxiety isnt the need for insecurity to blossom in our hearts.

We are living all our opposites and near misses and the misses  in our parallel dimensions as well as our victories. Unspoken words of love that we regretted we kept in our hearts, the intensity of feeling of wanting to be with our love, destiny cheated us out of.

We have been serenaded with the intensity of feeling.. and the goodbyes with our loved ones again are said and sorrow is a momentary lapse till we close our eyes and enter into the concept of Multiverse.

I think I love this concep, I then have no fear to move ahead in the hope that I fail.. I know that even if I do in anther universe I may very well be victorious. So then why so serious about life :-)?

As Artist Salvador Dali shows us his surreal world and very well is the architect of his multiverse, we can make our own.

Written by Shwetambari Soni

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  1. You always find good stuff, T.W. I ha&17v#82en;t been feeling any panic over my writing lately, and reading that post was more confirmation. I continue to breathe.

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