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Reshma Jani

Reshma Jani graduated with an Organisational Psychology degree, followed by a diploma in Fashion Design& Business. Somewhere along the way, this innate love for aesthetics and absorbing art through her travels,it was but a natural turn for her to seek art as a profession. She started with small art evenings in her home, introducing the concept of collecting art as an investment in a private setting. These evenings spiralled into an art business with shows, consulting, hotel and corporate projects. She believes that art is within us…in every object around us…you just have to see it.

Shwetambari Soni

Shwetambari a Hotel Management graduate changed track in 2007 by incepting her art gallery Gallerie Angel Arts. She took a short course at Christies, London 2007 and soon Thereafter in 2012 Shwetambari was awarded a scholarship to study in business practices at the Indian School of Business as part of the Goldmansachs women entrepreneurship programme.

What Our Clients Say

Gallerie Angel Arts always comes up with interesting ways to showcase their brand of young artists. A pleasure to see Gallerie Angel Arts grow and evolve in to having a collection of great art.

Rani Mukerjee


One has to be an ardent admirer of art and have an understanding of how personal an expression it is to be able to bring it to our lives and homes the way Gallerie Angel Arts does. Reshma and Shweta are women that chose art to spread joy! And they know how :).

Dia Mirza


As far back as I know Reshma, she has always brought to me, young quirky and at the same time investment worthy art. She is my one stop solution to everything ART.

Lara Dutta


Gallerie Angel Arts has to be the most creative bunch of people I’ve come across. Not only do they have lovely art but also always come up with shows that are out of the box and innovative. Look forward to many more of their shows.

Kunal Kapoor


Gallerie Angel Arts sells interesting art. They think out of the box and every event is interesting and unique. A pleasure to buy from them.

Krishika Lulla


What I like most about Gallerie Angel Arts is their repertoire of artists. From masters to upcoming fresh artists. Reshma and Shweta always have something fresh and new to show.

Vikram Bhatt


Art to me is personal and ever changing. A manifestation of expression of life and Shweta puts this experience as an integral part of their vision for Gallerie Angel Arts. Gallerie Angel Arts always comes up with interesting ways to showcase their brand of young artists. A pleasure to see Gallerie Angel Arts grow and evolve into having a portfolio of great art.

Sonam Kapoor


My Go-To Gallery for the best contemporary Indian Art. The gallery gives you a wide range to choose from and the artists are handpicked by the owners which adds a personal touch.

Namrata Soni

Celebrity Make up Artist

Interesting Art

Forming a likeness between the animal kingdom and the human form, Hungarian artist flora borsi has formed the series ‘animeyed’, which creates curious hybrid beings from two different species. the collection of self-portraits sees borsi situated side-by-side six separate creatures: a cat, dove, blowfish, goldfish, snake and hare. for each composition, borsi matches her hairstyle, makeup, and eye colour […]

Where the leaves fall

Where the leaves fall. “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings” – Salvador Dali The other day I read a very interesting article on bio centrisim. Do you agree we live in multiple worlds? The so called Multiverse. This and the road not taken, the ones we choose not to follow. Do you think […]

My Frida.

16th January 2017 Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. Ralph Waldo Emerson As children we played, we sang, we danced and we loved. We trusted, we had faith; we gave ourselves a hundred chances. We believed, we laughed. We cried, we screamed and we hated. […]

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