Bijita Sharma

Being born and brought up in “Assam” where nature is an integral part of one’s life, I always feel there is something wonderful in the beauty of the Nature. Nature’s brilliant glories enchant people and reawaken a special bond that has been established since this earth exists. I feel a profound connection with nature. Nature stirs my mind with its mystery and makes me manifest it in some way, which eventually took a form of painting. It opens me up to the wonders of the world. Constantly appealing and haunting me with its secrets. When I close my eyes and allow myself to soar across the landscape of my mind, my place of happiness has always been high up on the branch of a tree, away from the business of life and the noise of the city. Our struggles and harsh realities are transcended when we open up ourselves to the small and large spectacles of our universe. The physical components that make up nature, every little creature, or a leaf or the fun, movement by any animal or bird are like symbolic to me.

Other Paintings by the Artist