Liquid Drops of Childhood

I grew up in a bungalow colony, with lots of friends as my neighbours, there was always a new adventure each day i had to be a part of, may it be climbing a mango tree and dangling precariously as my friend slipped and we laughing crazily and at the same time holding on to with our dear lives in the balance or running across the colony checking out the haunted bungalow hoping to catch a glimpse of the resident ghost.

My childhood was fearless, like a horse galloping across a wild field with the wind in my hair and a curdling cry on my lips, the cry, of course, was part of the drama of our evening plays we performed at our verandah. Life was simple and carefree and I loved my childhood. As I look back and see nature was a very intrinsic part of my childhood, our holidays were always visited to places drenched with either the sweet smell of tea gardens or the wet snow of Manali or the winding hills of Himachal. Nature was our constant companion.

“Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby”. – Langston Hughes

I can just visualize the rain beating down my head, in sweet wet abandon and sailing paper boats in our small puddles which looked rather big as children. Thus coming to mind our Artist Bijita Sharma. She dedicates her canvases as an ode to Nature. In her words- “Nature stirs my mind with its mystery and makes me manifest it in some way which eventually took a form of painting. It opens me up to the wonders of the world, constantly appealing and haunting me with its secrets. When I close my eyes and allow myself to soar across the landscape of my mind, my place of happiness has always been high up on the branch of a tree, away from the business of life and the noise of the city.”

Her canvases depict in stunning reality the carefree abandon with which childhood is lived and the relationship between nature, and, the beauty of the wild. Bijita works with subjects closest to nature ‘Horses’. She gives expression to her depiction of what nature is to her as i give mine to you of what nature is to me- The sweet fragrance of childhood.

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